Apollo Product Overview: Part 3 - Plays

April 3, 2024

What are Plays in Apollo?

Hey everyone,

For part 3 of my Apollo overview, I'll look at an exciting feature called Plays.

Apollo describes Plays as "an end-to-end workflow automation tool that helps you reduce manual tasks, increase efficiency, and drive more pipeline."

How do "Plays" help you increase your SaaS sales and make more money?

Let's dive in.

Setting up Plays in Apollo

You can quickly start setting up Plays in Apollo by choosing the Play Templates options or creating your own.

There are 28 pre-defined "Plays," including options like:

  • Automatically hit no-shows
  • Call when an email is clicked or opened
  • Congratulate recently promoted contacts
  • Work with new hires in their first 90 days
  • Hit recently funded companies
Play templates in Apollo

I like contacting recently funded companies, so I'll choose that option. I share Apollo's reasoning: startups with new funding will invest in their growth. You can set it when you want the Play to run, such as a Trigger event (a field automatically updated in your CRM), or run it on a Schedule that scans outside sources. For this example, I've chosen my Play to run once in 10 minutes to see what happens.

Scheduling a Play in Apollo

Now that we've scheduled the Play to run in 10 minutes, I'll set up how it will find the accounts that have recently raised money. But it has that built-in already! So, I've added filters focusing on software companies within a certain employee size and specific contact titles.

Contact filters in Apollo

For the action that I want it to run when it finds new companies that have raised money recently, I can set it to automatically add net new contacts or contacts from saved accounts to the sequence that I created in my previous post.

So now the Play is saved and will automatically run in a few minutes. It will scan its built-in contact database for new prospects that fit my ICP or contacts I've identified from saved accounts and automatically add them to a sequence.

Note that adding net new contacts automatically as part of a Play is only available in the paid version.

Play scheduled in Apollo

The Plays feature is a big differentiator for Apollo compared to other sales engagement tools I've seen, and I'm excited to investigate further. With 28 Play templates, you could get this engine going in just a few hours.

I hope this has been helpful if you're looking for a new way to automate your sales engagement with AI.

You can sign up for Apollo free forever to get started now.

Thanks for reading,

Dave Murphy

I am a sales professional in the SaaS industry. I live with my family outside of Boston, including my wife, young son, and English bulldog. Throughout my career, I have gained experience driving new business as an individual contributor and in leadership positions. My experience includes working with multiple SaaS startups and one public SaaS company via acquisition. I'm passionate about SaaS solutions using AI that have a transformational business impact on their customers.

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