Apollo Product Overview: Part 2 - Sequences

April 2, 2024

Setting Up Sequences in Apollo

Hey everyone,

In Part 1 of this series, I explored how easy it is to start with Apollo.

In minutes, you can go from signing up to sending targeted prospect emails, all with contact data built-in from Apollo.

What about sequences?

Most of you will be familiar with sequences from sales engagement tools like Outreach, Salesloft, Yesware (am I that old?), and many others.

In short, a sequence is a series of automated steps (cold emails, cold calls, LinkedIn messages) to automate the outbound sales process.

So, what makes Apollo's sequences different?

Let's dive in...

Creating a sequence with AI in Apollo

Creating a Sequence with AI

You're immediately given the option to create a sequence with AI, which I have not seen with other sales engagement tools.

After choosing this option, Apollo presents pre-completed fields and gives you the option to edit them:

AI assisted sequences in Apollo

After a few tweaks, it produces a sequence with 3 cold emails over 7 days. I was impressed by the first email and made just a few word changes:

Hi {{first_name}},

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Warm regards,

The follow-up emails were more generic, but they were still a good starting point, and I created the sequence in just a few minutes.

Adding more steps to your sequence in Apollo

After generating the initial 3-step sequence with the help of AI in a few minutes, you can add additional steps to your sequence, including:

  • Automatic email (with AI)
  • Manual email
  • Phone call
  • Custom action item
  • LinkedIn connection request
  • LinkedIn message
  • Linkedin profile view
  • LinkedIn interaction with post
Additional sequence steps in Apollo

These are pretty straightforward options, and I wonder (1) how they can automate the LinkedIn tasks with AI in the future and (2) what options are on the roadmap.

For now, we'll stick with the standard 3 step email sequence and add some contacts.

Adding contacts to a sequence in Apollo

Now that I have my sequence built and have the option to add additional steps, it's time to add contacts to it. You can add prospects directly from Apollo's built-in contact database, which is a huge differentiator from other tools I've used. Typically, these are two different tools, and a CRM is in the middle, causing data and sales ops headaches. You can also add contacts manually.

Adding contacts to a sequence in Apollo

There's an option to automate adding contacts with Plays, which I will explore in my next post, part 3 of this series.

For now, I've used the Prospect Searcher, which brings you to a screen that looks very similar to Sales Navigator, allows you to search using filters, and add your prospects directly to the sequence already with contact data. There is no need to export the contacts to your CRM, export them from your CRM to your sales engagement tool, and deal with all the headaches in between.

Contact search in Apollo

After applying a few filters, I've quickly identified 101 prospects to add to my sequence. Adding them to the sequence takes a few clicks, and just like that, I have my sequence scheduled, and it will automatically be sent out.

Sequence scheduled in Apollo

I hope this is helpful if you are exploring Apollo or sales engagement tools for the first time. So far, Apollo has been straightforward to set up and use, and the AI-enabled sequence makes it very quick.

In my next post, part 3 of this Apollo series, I'll examine Plays in Apollo: "Plays is an end-to-end workflow automation tool that helps you reduce manual tasks, increase efficiency, and drive more pipeline."

Thank you for reading,


P.S. All of this was done with Apollo's free version. You can sign up for Apollo free forever to get started now.

Dave Murphy

I am a sales professional in the SaaS industry. I live with my family outside of Boston, including my wife, young son, and English bulldog. Throughout my career, I have gained experience driving new business as an individual contributor and in leadership positions. My experience includes working with multiple SaaS startups and one public SaaS company via acquisition. I'm passionate about SaaS solutions using AI that have a transformational business impact on their customers.

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