Apollo Product Overview: Part 1 - Getting Started

March 31, 2024

Start sending prospecting emails with Apollo in minutes.

Hey everyone,

I recently started using Apollo.io to find out what all the buzz is about. I'll share over the next few posts as I test and learn how to get the most out of Apollo for prospecting and creating more sales opportunities myself.

Apollo's claim to fame is that it "combines a buyer database of over 270M contacts and powerful sales engagement and automation tools in one, easy-to-use platform."

Does it live up to the hype?

So far, it's pretty sweet.

You can sign up for free forever.

When you first log in, it looks like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, with built-in contact data and sequencing tools (cold emails, calls, LI messages, etc.).

Apollo search dashboard to find leads

I could log in for the first time, connect my email, find leads, write a quick cold email with AI, and send them out in under 10 minutes.

What I'm impressed with about Apollo so far:

Straightforward onboarding/setup
Simple UI
An extensive list of contact filters, including email status = likely to engage
Easy to email prospects right away or add them to a sequence
Automatically recommends subject line and email templates with AI
Rephrase emails and generate suggestions with Gen AI
AI generated subject lines and emails

It is easy to start, and I have sent prospecting emails in under 10 minutes. You can sign up for Apollo free forever to get started now.

In the next post, I'll share more about using Apollo to create sequences.

Thanks for reading!

Have you used Apollo? Let me know.

Dave Murphy

I am a sales professional in the SaaS industry. I live with my family outside of Boston, including my wife, young son, and English bulldog. Throughout my career, I have gained experience driving new business as an individual contributor and in leadership positions. My experience includes working with multiple SaaS startups and one public SaaS company via acquisition. I'm passionate about SaaS solutions using AI that have a transformational business impact on their customers.

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